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FixAllContext Properties

The FixAllContext type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCancellationToken
CancellationToken for fix all session.
Public propertyCodeActionEquivalenceKey
The EquivalenceKey value expected of a CodeAction participating in this fix all.
Public propertyCodeFixProvider
Underlying CodeFixProvider which triggered this fix all.
Public propertyDiagnosticIds
Diagnostic Ids to fix. Note that GetDocumentDiagnosticsAsync(Document), GetProjectDiagnosticsAsync(Project) and GetAllDiagnosticsAsync(Project) methods return only diagnostics whose IDs are contained in this set of Ids.
Public propertyDocument
Document within which fix all occurrences was triggered. Can be null if the context was created using #ctor(Project, CodeFixProvider, FixAllScope, String, IEnumerableString, FixAllContextDiagnosticProvider, CancellationToken).
Public propertyProject
Project within which fix all occurrences was triggered.
Public propertyScope
FixAllScope to fix all occurrences.
Public propertySolution
Solution to fix all occurrences.
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