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CompletionServiceWithProviders Class

A subtype of CompletionService that aggregates completions from one or more CompletionProviders.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Completion
Assembly:  Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Features (in Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Features.dll) Version: 2.3.0-dev-56735-00. Commit Hash: <developer build>
public abstract class CompletionServiceWithProviders : CompletionService, 

The CompletionServiceWithProviders type exposes the following members.

Protected methodCompletionServiceWithProviders
Initializes a new instance of the CompletionServiceWithProviders class
Public propertyLanguage
The language from LanguageNames this service corresponds to.
(Inherited from CompletionService.)
Public methodFilterItems
Given a list of completion items that match the current code typed by the user, returns the item that is considered the best match, and whether or not that item should be selected or not. itemToFilterText provides the values that each individual completion item should be filtered against.
(Inherited from CompletionService.)
Protected methodGetBetterItem
Determines which of two items should represent the matching pair.
Protected methodGetBuiltInProviders
Returns the providers always available to the service. This does not included providers imported via MEF composition.
Public methodGetChangeAsync (Overrides CompletionServiceGetChangeAsync(Void, CompletionChange, Document, CompletionItem).)
Public methodGetCompletionsAsync (Overrides CompletionServiceGetCompletionsAsync(Void, CompletionList, Document, Int32, CompletionTrigger, ImmutableHashSetString).)
Public methodGetDefaultCompletionListSpan (Inherited from CompletionService.)
Public methodGetDefaultItemSpan Obsolete.
Gets the span of the syntax element at the caret position. This is the most common value used for Span.
(Inherited from CompletionService.)
Public methodGetDescriptionAsync (Overrides CompletionServiceGetDescriptionAsync(Void, CompletionDescription, Document).)
Protected methodGetProvider
Protected methodGetProviders(ImmutableHashSetString)
Protected methodGetProviders(ImmutableHashSetString, CompletionTrigger)
Public methodGetRules (Overrides CompletionServiceGetRules.)
Protected methodItemsMatch
Determines if the items are similar enough they should be represented by a single item in the list.
Public methodShouldTriggerCompletion (Overrides CompletionServiceShouldTriggerCompletion(SourceText, Int32, CompletionTrigger, ImmutableHashSetString, OptionSet).)
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