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CSharpParseOptions Class

This class stores several source parsing related options and offers access to their values.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp
Assembly:  Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp (in Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.dll) Version: 2.3.0-dev-56735-00. Commit Hash: <developer build>
public sealed class CSharpParseOptions : ParseOptions, 

The CSharpParseOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodCSharpParseOptions
Initializes a new instance of the CSharpParseOptions class
Public propertyStatic memberDefault
The default parse options.
Public propertyDocumentationMode
Gets a value indicating whether the documentation comments are parsed.
(Inherited from ParseOptions.)
Public propertyErrors
Errors collection related to an incompatible set of parse options
(Inherited from ParseOptions.)
Public propertyFeatures (Overrides ParseOptionsFeatures.)
Public propertyKind
Specifies whether to parse as regular code files, script files or interactive code.
(Inherited from ParseOptions.)
Public propertyLanguage (Overrides ParseOptionsLanguage.)
Public propertyLanguageVersion
Gets the effective language version, which the compiler uses to select the language rules to apply to the program.
Public propertyPreprocessorSymbolNames
Gets the names of defined preprocessor symbols.
(Overrides ParseOptionsPreprocessorSymbolNames.)
Public propertySpecifiedKind
Gets the specified source code kind, which is the value that was specified in the call to the constructor, or modified using the WithKind(SourceCodeKind) method.
(Inherited from ParseOptions.)
Public propertySpecifiedLanguageVersion
Gets the specified language version, which is the value that was specified in the call to the constructor, or modified using the WithLanguageVersion(LanguageVersion) method, or provided on the command line.
Public methodCommonWithKind (Overrides ParseOptionsCommonWithKind(SourceCodeKind).)
Public methodEquals(Object) (Overrides ParseOptionsEquals(Object).)
Public methodEquals(CSharpParseOptions)
Public methodGetHashCode (Overrides ParseOptionsGetHashCode.)
Public methodWithDocumentationMode
Public methodWithFeatures(IEnumerableT) (Inherited from ParseOptions.)
Public methodWithFeatures(IEnumerableT)
Public methodWithKind
Public methodWithLanguageVersion
Public methodWithPreprocessorSymbols(IEnumerableT)
Public methodWithPreprocessorSymbols(ImmutableArrayString)
Public methodWithPreprocessorSymbols(String)
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