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CommandLineArguments Class

The base class for representing command line arguments to a CommonCompiler.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Microsoft.CodeAnalysis
Assembly:  Microsoft.CodeAnalysis (in Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.dll) Version: 2.3.0-dev-56735-00. Commit Hash: <developer build>
public abstract class CommandLineArguments

The CommandLineArguments type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdditionalFiles
A set of additional non-code text files that can be used by analyzers.
Public propertyAnalyzerReferences
References to analyzers supplied on the command line.
Public propertyAppConfigPath
An absolute path of the app.config file or null if not specified.
Public propertyBaseDirectory
Directory used to resolve relative paths stored in the arguments.
Public propertyChecksumAlgorithm
Hash algorithm to use to calculate source file debug checksums.
Public propertyCompilationName
Compilation name or null if not specified.
Public propertyCompilationOptions
Options to the Compilation.
Protected propertyCompilationOptionsCore
Public propertyDisplayHelp
If true, append the command line help during Run(TextWriter, CancellationToken)
Public propertyDisplayLogo
If true, prepend the command line header logo during Run(TextWriter, CancellationToken).
Public propertyDisplayVersion
If true, append the compiler version during Run(TextWriter, CancellationToken)
Public propertyDocumentationPath
Absolute path of the documentation comment XML file or null if not specified.
Public propertyEmbeddedFiles
A set of files to embed in the PDB.
Public propertyEmitOptions
Gets the emit options.
Public propertyEmitPdb
True to emit PDB information (to a standalone PDB file or embedded into the PE file).
Public propertyEncoding
Encoding to be used for source files or 'null' for autodetect/default.
Public propertyErrorLogPath
Absolute path of the error log file or null if not specified.
Public propertyErrors
Errors while parsing the command line arguments.
Public propertyInteractiveMode
Drop to an interactive loop. If a script is specified in SourceFiles executes the script first.
Public propertyKeyFileSearchPaths
Sequence of absolute paths used to search for key files.
Public propertyManifestResources
Resources specified as arguments to the compilation.
Public propertyMetadataReferences
References to metadata supplied on the command line. Includes assemblies specified via /r and netmodules specified via /addmodule.
Public propertyNoWin32Manifest
If true, do not embed any Win32 manifest, including one specified by Win32Manifest or any default manifest.
Public propertyOutputDirectory
Absolute path of the output directory.
Public propertyOutputFileName
Name of the output file or null if not specified.
Public propertyParseOptions
Options to the CommandLineParser.
Protected propertyParseOptionsCore
Public propertyPathMap
A list of pairs of paths. This stores the value of the command-line compiler option /pathMap:X1=Y1;X2=Y2... which causes a prefix of X1 followed by a path separator to be replaced by Y1 followed by a path separator, and so on for each following pair.
Public propertyPdbPath
Path of the PDB file or null if same as output binary path with .pdb extension.
Public propertyPreferredUILang
Specify the preferred output language name.
Public propertyPrintFullPaths
If true, prints the full path of the file containing errors or warnings in diagnostics.
Public propertyReferencePaths
Sequence of absolute paths used to search for references.
Public propertyReportAnalyzer
Public propertyScriptArguments
Arguments following a script file or separator "--". Null if the command line parser is not interactive.
Public propertySourceFiles
Source file paths.
Public propertySourceLink
Path of the file containing information linking the compilation to source server that stores a snapshot of the source code included in the compilation.
Public propertySourcePaths
Sequence of absolute paths used to search for sources specified as #load directives.
Public propertyTouchedFilesPath
Full path of a log of file paths accessed by the compiler, or null if file logging should be suppressed.
Public propertyUtf8Output
If true, use UTF8 for output.
Public propertyWin32Icon
The path to a .ico icon file.
Public propertyWin32Manifest
The path to a Win32 manifest file to embed into the output portable executable (PE) file.
Public propertyWin32ResourceFile
The path to a Win32 resource.
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